Early 1900 Photos

The following photo was provided by Dorene Smith. Dorene has written the life story of her husband’s great-great grandparents ( Daniel B. Smith & Lucinda Tufts by Dorene Hancock Smith ) who lived on what is now known as Russ Road. The family of William Russ purchased the house from Nathan A. Smith (Daniel Smith's son). The Russ family is shown in front of the home in 1909.

1909 Photo Russ family

  • Upper row from left: Annie Mae; Grace (Will Russ sister); Lillian Ward; Eva Russ Blake; Port Burroughs; unknown hired hand; Albert Aldrich (not related);
  • 2nd Row: Marion Blake; Gramma Russ; Beatrice Nelson; Will Russ (great grandfather); Dan Russ, holding Bessie (she died soon after photo); his wife Hattie Russ;
  • 3rd Row: Llewellyn Blake; Gordon Blake; Albert Blake; George Southworth; Russ Blake; Dewitt Southworth; Jack Russ; his wife Mae Russ; dau Marjorie Russ; Mr. John Blandin; his wife Grace Blandin;