Special Events

Although regular year-round church services have not been held for decades, the church continues to serve as the site for special Church services, weddings, baptisms, and funerals. The special activities are in keeping with its original purpose as a place of worship and a venue for events as part of the community. Two very special services are the Blessing of the Animals and Service of Gratitude which have become annual traditions. The Church has held a number of concerts in summers past as part of its fund-raising efforts and has provided the space for other fund-raising programs. The acoustics and serenity of the sanctuary make for a lovely presentation.

Ice Cream Social & Blessing of the Animals

The joining together of the Community Club and Church has made for a wonderful old-fashioned afternoon of fun, laughter, music, old friends reconnecting, meeting and making new friends, and Blessings for the Animals. Vanilla ice cream with all the toppings -homemade rich chocolate sauce and our own blueberry sauce, maple syrup, whipped cream, granola, sprinkles and other delicious extras was provided and served by the Club members. The Blessing of the Animals, a summer tradition since 2002, over the years, horses, dogs, cats, llamas, a parrot, ferrets, chickens, ducks and more have all been blessed. As the song says, “All God’s Critters Have a Place in the Choir”.

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  • Concerts

    Over the past few years, there have been a number of concerts series mainly held in the summer to bring the community together to enjoy music, one another and this beautiful building with wonderful acoustics as well as being a fund raiser. Performances have been given by Tympanon (Quesbecois traditional songs), Gordys (R&B classics), Never Too Late (folk originals and classic oldies), Sunflower Quartet (classical music from Mozart to Joplin), Ford Daley & Paul Barker (Gospel music) and Seranata (light classical, folk and popular favorites). Seranata, a trio of singers with recorders, harp and piano, has been very generous in providing music for many of the church events.

    A Youth Talent Show presented in the fall of 2018 featured musical styles from classical to Cape Breton and more. The purpose of the show was to raise money for local students to register for the Vermont Rural Leadership Summit Conference. The show was very well done and well received.

    A piano has been gifted to the church by the daughters of Eloise Twombly Kay and Barbara. Eloise was the daughter of Herbert and Kay Schlichting and the granddaughter of Harvey and Margaret Newcomer, founders of Camp Wyoda. Eloise spent her summers for the past 35 years on Middlebrook Road. Eloise’s winter residence was Aiken, South Carolina. She played the cello with the Augusta Symphony for 48 years and taught piano for over 25 years.

    After much coordination and upright Everett/Yamaha piano set in place, Eli Mansur played his original composition on it. To see the video, click here. Turn up the volume as it is a wonderful composition.

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  • Service of Gratitude

    The Service of Gratitude is held on the Sunday following Thanksgiving. The annual service of prayer and music was envisioned and organized by Dr. Cleo Kearns. Practitioners of various religions ranging from Taoism and Islam to Christianity and Buddhism have discussed their spiritual practices; shared their prayers of praise and thanks; and sang together.

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